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Diagnosis: Obsessive Pickleball Disorder.

Before you hit the courts 

Pickleball is like table tennis on a court. The ball is served underhand diagonally across the court while letting the ball bounce on both the serve and the return of the serve. After that, the ball is open to volley. The first side to serve in doubles only has 1 serve; then, each side has 2 serves. 

Scoring: Remembering the score is the toughest part of the game and the server is expected to loudly call the score before each serve. In doubles pickleball, the score is made up of three numbers (for instance, 0-0-2). The first number represents the serving team’s score. The second number represents the receiving team’s score. The third number represents the server number, which is either server #1 or server #2. For example, if the score in doubles pickleball is 10-8-2, then this means that the serving team has 10 points, the receiving team has 8 points, and the serving team is on server #2. Normally, games are to 11 and the serving team can only score points. *note: if the ball hits you then you lose the rally. 

The Kitchen: No volleys (hitting the ball out of the air or without a bounce first) are allowed while a player enters into the kitchen. You can enter the kitchen on shots after the pickleball bounces. All shots that hit the line are ‘in’ except if a ball hits the kitchen line during the serve. 

Learn to Play

Clinics, Tournaments & More

Learn the basics in one of clinics or mixers, meet fellow players in our open plays, refine your skills with our advanced programming, or find a challenge through one of our tournaments.


Old-school slide the way grandma likes it.

The Rules

Play: 2 teams per court, each team gets 4 biscuits.

The Black Team starts the game by sending a biscuit down to the scoring triangle at the other end of the court. Then the black and white teams alternate until all 8 biscuits have been played. This is one “frame”. A full match is 8 frames.

A scoring disc can’t touch ANY line. Not even a little, and any disc that lands in the kitchen is worth -10 pts. At the end of the frame, count up the points of the scoring discs are left in the triangle.