Open Play

PKL Open Play is a community event that’s perfect for ballers looking for new players to play against in an open, friendly format.

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$10 no-show/late cancellation fee

Come alone or with friends. You’ll meet plenty of other local players.

Open Play is designed for players who already know the rules and scoring. If you don’t know the rules/scoring, register for one of our Intro Classes or Beginner Mixers.

Players should play a max of 1 game and then pull off the court to allow the next group to play. Court rules will be strictly enforced. We limit tickets to 8 people per court to maximize your playtime.

Courts range in ability levels with beginners playing on Court 1 going up to the most advanced players playing on higher number courts. If using our custom PKL paddles, please leave them at the courts for other players to use.

PKL may also adjust the number of Open Play courts based on various factors such as demand for open play, regular court bookings, and conflicting events. The 6:1 person to court ratio will never change.


No walk-ins. You must register before arriving.


Learn the game or hone your game, find a clinic that’s right for you

PickleBall 101

Want to learn the basics? Grab a partner or show up solo to this introductory 90 minute clinic. Sip on a cocktail as you learn rules, scoring and general technique. We will sprinkle in a little strategy, laughs and fun.

PickleBall 201

Now that you know the rules, the next question is, “How do I win?” Join us in the 90 minute clinic where you learn court positing and shot selection so that you can gain the upper hand in rallies. We will go over dinking/kitchen strategies, midcourt shot selection, serving and returning.

PickleBall Skills and Drills

Drive and Volley

Struggling to win return rallies? Do games get away from you quickly? Join us in the 90 minute clinic to work on drives, volleys and your return of serve game so you can spend less time running around and more time putting points on the board

Serve and Drink

Trying to build confidence at the kitchen? Find yourself losing serve points? Join us in the 90 minute clinic to learn serve tips and tricks, as well as dinking and volleying strategies so you can work better together with your partner and win more points on your serve.


Our tournaments range from social to serious. Check out the calendar for what’s up next.


Visit our leagues page here for more info.